• Mixed green salad with sliced bread
  • Shrimps, pasta, and mixed vegetables
  • Mixed vegetables and grilled fish
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About Us

Alexander's Mediterranean Cuisine is a concept whose time has come; tasty, frankly traditional, reasonably priced Greek food in a setting comfortable and friendly. The storefront, with its picture window, is a cheerful, clean place, tabletops and large panoramic photos of Greek fishing boats and harbors are a great place to relax and dine, tables and booths are available, people picking up carryout orders, and there's no liquor, but Beer and wine is available.

In terms of ambiance, definitely at the restaurant level. The food is unquestionably restaurant quality and fine value. Greek food at its best is straightforward and unfussy, with a premium on fresh ingredients. Alexander’s Mediterranean Cuisine delivers that, with a menu centers around such standards as Pasticho, moussaka, and some grilled fish, Gyro platters, Our Signature Lemon Risotto with Chicken or Shrimp, and Alexander's Lamb Shank. Mediterranean appetizers are always a delight, and the ones served here are no exception!